Mental Health Service

There are many reasons individual men and women become homeless, but often it is as a result of a combination of factors, which build up over a period of time, ultimately leading to a breakdown in an individual’s support networks. A common factor is a deterioration in an individual’s mental health and when this is combined with other factors, such as offending behaviour and substance misuse, an individual’s ability to maintain their independence is severely compromised. Cambridge Cyrenians finds itself accommodating a very substantial number of individuals with mental health issues. These can cover a wide spectrum, from low level depression and anxiety to bi-polar and other disorders which can have a significant impact on a person’s ability to function in their community. It is also often a barrier to prevent residents in our accommodation from moving on.


Cambridge Cyrenians Mental Health Service offers support from a qualified mental health professional to offer long-term support to both the individuals concerned and the staff currently supporting them. The service:

  • works with the individual, supporting staff and external agencies to improve the individual’s mental wellbeing
  • enables access to other support services, such as a GP, consultant psychiatrist and Adult Mental Health Services and
  • Can access support to keep clients active and well

The close working relationship with other agencies is essential in order to assist clients in their recovery and generally improve the quality of their lives, ultimately leading to resettlement in the community where they can play an active role.

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