23251342606_e8e48c64fd_oFull-time Voluntary Workers – Induction & training



There is a four-week induction period during which time you will learn about your responsibilities and the weekly running of the house. The Volunteer Co-ordinator and your co-Worker will guide you through this. There are also written policies and procedures with which you will need to familiarise yourself with.

Many ways of dealing with issues will not be written down, and these you will simply pick up as you go along. There is quite a lot of peer support around for Workers. However, do take the opportunity to check in with the office if you have any queries, especially within the first few weeks. At four weeks the Volunteer Co-ordinator and the Supported Accommodation Manager will review how you have settled in at the house, and also to establish whether you would like to stay on.


Training is available, and we will attempt to ensure you have attended the most important courses in your first 12 weeks. These can include Dealing with Violence and Aggression, Mental Health Awareness, Understanding, Substance Abuse etc.

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