Contact us

Main Office

Cambridge Cyrenians, 3 Signet Court, Cambridge CB5 8LA
Tel: 01223 712501

The Allotment Project

Ruth Wood – Project Co-ordinator
07948 013091

Volunteer Opportunities

Shanice Jones – Volunteer & Resident Activity Manager
01223 712501

Older Homeless Service

Emma Hooton – Head of Services
01223 712502

Comments and complaints

We welcome feedback on the service we provide, especially from residents, whether these are compliments, complaints or suggestions for ways of doing things better.

Anyone who comes into contact with our services and is dissatisfied with any of the services provided has the right to complain. If you are unhappy with something we have done, or failed to do, or the way you have been treated please tell us. Cambridge Cyrenians will investigate all complaints as thoroughly and as fairly as possible and will do its best to put matters right.

Who to contact

If you are a service user it is best if you speak to the member of staff who you come into contact with most. If you do not want to do this, then contact the Director. If you are an external agency or member of the public, please contact the Director.

When you contact us it will be useful to know:
.           Your name and how we can contact you.
.           The details of your complaint.
.           What you want us to do to put things right.

There are some things we cannot change, such as things we must or cannot do by law. At any stage you may be able to get advice and help from the Citizens Advice Bureau or your local Councillor or MP. You can also ask a friend, relative, or anyone else you choose, to act on your behalf.

If you contact us in writing the Director will aim to respond in writing within 5 working days. If the investigation cannot be completed within the timescale he/she will write to you and give you an indication of how long you can expect to wait before receiving a response. If you are not satisfied with any written response you receive the letter will include details of how to appeal against the decision.

By phone on: 01223 712501
By letter to: The Director, 3 Signet Court, Cambridge CB5 8LA
By email to: