Our Accommodation Services

Cambridge Cyrenians currently provides accommodation for 100 homeless men and women.

Accommodation is provided in small shared houses, rather than large hostels, where residents are encouraged to take responsibility for their own lives, so it is vital that we do not take away their ability to have constructive influence over their surroundings. An important feature of our houses is the input residents have in the decisions affecting their house.

Cambridge City and homeless people

All supported housing services in Cambridge give priority to homeless people who have a local connection to the city (click here for details). People seeking accommodation with homeless services in Cambridge, who have no local connection to the city, will be expected to engage with the re-connections process and return to an area of the country where they have a local connection or to an area where accommodation and support can be found.

Any individual or agency wishing to make a referral to Cambridge Cyrenians accommodation should first contact Cambridge City Council’s Housing Advice Team (01223 457918) in order to establish their local connection. If the Authority does not have a statutory duty to house a particular individual they will refer that person on to Jimmy’s Assessment Centre (01223 576085) or the Street Outreach Team (01223 366292). If it has been established that the individual has a local connection with Cambridge City, or no local connection with any other Local Authority, then Jimmy’s or SOT will refer them on to those agencies thought appropriate, via the local authorities on-line, Inform database. Those without a local connection will be offered assistance by the SOT to return to a place where they do have a local connection, or another Authority which may be prepared to offer suitable accommodation.

There is a waiting list for all our accommodation and referrals can expect to have to wait at least two weeks before being offered a place in our Short-Stay accommodation.

Age Range

Cambridge Cyrenians will accommodate people from 18 years of age.
All allocations are made in accordance with our Referral, Selection and Allocations Policy.


Two houses each provide single room accommodation for eight men and women, with two live-in staff.

The accommodation is designed to be temporary. Most residents have moved on within 12 months stay with a maximum stay of 2 years. Staff work with residents to assess their needs and will assist them in accessing services that they need, including move-on accommodation. Residents must be prepared to work with staff to address any perceived needs.

Residents are expected to assist with cooking, shopping, and cleaning of communal areas.

One house can accommodate a resident with a dog.


Cambridge Cyrenians ex-offenders service includes specialist accommodation specifically for this client group. Referrals are made directly by the prison, probation service or other services supporting ex-offenders. All residents are required to be engaged in work, or other meaningful activity at least three days a week.



Many residents are referred from our two Short-stay houses, but the Move-on houses will take direct referrals from other agencies.

There are ten houses, each accommodating three or four residents. All are designed to assist clients to reach full independence. Residents are required to engage in some form of meaningful activity, whether it be work, volunteering, training or education.

The house and support is designed to help residents prepare for managing their own tenancy.

Visiting staff members provides low level of support.


Six Long-stay houses provide accommodation for those individuals assessed as requiring significant support and unlikely to be able to maintain their own tenancy in the near future.

One eight bed house tends to take residents over the age of 50, but younger will be accommodated if the environment is suitable for the individual.

The houses act as settled communities providing a supported environment for individuals who are unlikely to want to live independently.

Women only

Cambridge Cyrenians has one five bed house providing women only accommodation. Referrals normally come internally, but external referrals will be considered.